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Teaching Boys



With 190 years of experience, we know that male students learn best when they are immersed, active, and interested in their classroom material. This understanding of the male mind, along with decades of research on the best instructional methods for young men, has allowed us to create a learning environment for our students to thrive. This means that we have:

  • Lessons and labs which let students interact with each other, the classroom, and the environment
  • Projects that allow each student to explore his own interests within broad academic topics, all with the careful guidance of a Faculty member at their side
  • Classrooms where civil discussion and movement is encouraged and guided
  • Faculty and staff with varied backgrounds and interests, who all share a passion for helping young men succeed in all areas of their lives
  • Weekly communication between Faculty, staff, and parents to ensure that every student is getting the necessary support he needs to thrive

From class discussions to regular study sessions, we make sure that every student is learning the material he needs to and that he is thriving in the environment we provide. By creating an interactive, open environment at our all-boys school, we give students the opportunity to take more control over their education and become excited about learning like they’ve never been before. Many parents come to us looking for a solution. They see the potential within their son but struggle to understand why he is unable to apply himself in the classroom. As an independent, all-boys boarding school, Grand River Academy makes a point of helping students connect with the course material and value the education they are working towards. Contact our admissions team to learn more today.

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